Poets Versus Launch Event


We are thrilled to announce that we launched the Poets Versus platform last night in The Poetry Café.

The first round of Poets Versus series was dedicated to the cruel reality of homelessness.

The poems read at the night were included in an anthology published by Tonic Sta Press.

Our sincere gratitude to all the fantastic poets who performed and to the guests who supported poetry and homeless people through their attendance and generosity.

The splendid Alice Beckley and her poems ‘HER’ and ‘Broken’
The marvelous Alina Baczynska and her poems ‘Tuning’ and ‘Unintitled’
The majestic Fiona Brehony and her poems ‘Territory’ and ‘In The Capital’
The glorious Fran Isherwood and her poem ‘End of the Road’
The great Grim Chip and his poems ‘Burn’s Night’ and ‘Take Some Action’
The splendid Janine Booth for her poems ‘Homeless Man Dies Frozen’ and ‘Acrostic: Affordable Home’
The terrific John Wheeler and his poems ‘Investment Manager’ and ‘Hidden’
The magnificient Lilly Driscoll and her poems ‘Backbacks’ and ‘The Boy’
The incredible Lizzy Turner and her moving poems
And the one and only Mark Coverdale and his poems ‘The War on the Streets’ and ‘The View from the Packet Inn’
The awesome Matt Abbott and his poems ‘Superheroes’ and ‘It Could Be Me’
The wondrous Michelle Madsen read two poems ‘Invitation’ and ‘Lifeboats’
The spectacular Rick Dove (@multistable) and his poems ‘Soliloquy’ and ‘Lensing’
The breathtaking Shelly Harder and their poem ‘zero dawn’
The fantastic Stefan Gambrell (Neanderthal Bard) and his poems ‘Joe’s Poem’ and ‘Everybody’s In’
T he sensational Tim Kiely and his poems ‘Confiteor on Waterloo Bridge’ and ‘The Thing Itself’

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