by Joyce Datiles

A Poem written from behind the lines during the June 2020 #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd protests, a poem for all time

One day when you are old 

you will look back at yourself today:

At the person who took to the streets

The girl who braved a thousand guns 

The boy who challenged the might of wrongful kings.

They’ll say of us, when we have won this battle,

These were the ones who fought the world’s Powers

They were the Heroes of all Hours.

When they fought 

They were looking at the future and the past 

All at once, caught

In between the torrents of darkness


From the ghosts of slaves stolen,

Their worth listed on parchment, their blood on the sands.

To the souls of queens who moved the earth’s core

Their ancestors stolen from their motherland’s shores.

Glimpse at the celestial futures

Those brave ghosts have carved 

So you can watch the sun rise from here and not from afar.

Fight, little heart, FIGHT

For that glimpse of no returns 

For that voice that quivers and quakes 

So yours can be calm and firm.

For that, dear one, is the sound we need to always keep 

Of voices raised, thundering in the deep.

That will be the music of the spheres

That moves this world and takes its fears

We will be those movers,

The ones foretold 

Who fought injustice 

With hearts of gold.

There is no true freedom until Black Lives Matter. Raise the banner. Never let it fall.

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