How To Support Trans and Non-Binary Rights: Emergency Pack


Human beings of trans and non-binary identities are going to be excluded from public spaces by the government.

You can reduce the suffering of trans and non-binary people from the comfort of your house.

1. Acknowledge that they are human beings who can feel pain as the direct result of your words, action, or inaction. There is a long tradition of stigmatisation of trans people. What does it mean? It means you are “embarrassed” to talk about trans issues with your kids, family, friends, or colleagues. Try seeing trans and non-binary people as real human beings who can experience emotions and feelings, pain, love and happiness. 

2. Understand cis privilege. A quick search on the news gives you an idea that governments are making the world hard to navigate for trans people. When was the last time trans rights came up as a topic of conversation in a dignified manner? Remember the last comedy TV show you watched? Were there jokes at the cost of trans lives? Google “trans murdered” and see how media misgender trans people and attempt to shame them when they are maimed, raped, and murdered. “Fun fact”, the NHS and the police do not acknowledge the non-binary genders and many trans and non-binary people are scared of seeing a doctor or seeking help from the police as they are often harassed instead of helped.

3. Educate yourself on trans and non-binary issues. Check our link in bio. Start with reading two articles: a) what the issue is, and b) are trans and non-binary people threats to single-gendered spaces, or rather, valid members of it? If you think women’s spaces should be policed please read that article (link in bio) with an open mind and with imagining a trans person as a human being (such as your loved one) capable of feeling pain, and not as a monster, rapist, or corrupt being (as anti trans groups imagine).

4. Acknowledge that people come in different identities, trans, cis, black, white, and so on. Acknowledge trans women as women and trans men as men, and non-binary individuals as non-binary. Do not question people’s gender identities as you will take up the role of policing women and non-binary bodies (sounds familiar??).

5. Act! Write to your MP and ask them to not support this government plan and become allies like you. There is a template you can use to email your MP. You should also sign this petition and urge the parliament to save trans and nonbinary lives.

6. Elevate trans and non-binary voices. Follow them and stay tuned. Keep an open mind. Listen to them and learn. 

7. Talk to your friends, to your colleagues, to your family, kids, social groups: normalise trans and non-binary lives, remove the stigma, and support them. Do not allow people to make transphobic remarks casually. Object, then educate.

8. Support. Help charities and organisations, such as Galop, Stonewall, and LGBT Foundation, who do grassroot campaigns to support and enhance trans and non-binary lives.

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